Shaftesbury Town Twinning Association

The Shaftesbury Town Twinning Association is a voluntary organisation which promotes and supports joint activities involving Shaftesbury (UK), Brionne (France) and Lindlar (Germany).

The Association was formed in 1974. Shaftesbury was officially twinned with Brionne in that year and with Lindlar in 1981. Since then, people from all walks of life have exchanged.  They represent many different interests, for example: football, fire service, dance groups, musicians, youth groups etc.. Most importantly, school children in parties and individually, and many families have come together to travel and make friends. The door is open to anyone to make contacts and participate in exchanges.

If you would more information about the association or would like to join us then please contact Roy Mitchell on 01747 858219 or email secretary@shaftesburytwinning.org